Schoolkids block road over mobile seizure

Students block Taratala Road

Taratala: Students staged a blockade on Taratala Road on Tuesday after their mobile phones were seized and parents summoned to the school to collect them.

Mobile phones are banned at Alipore Takshal Vidyapith for Boys, Higher Secondary, but several students allegedly flout the rule.

Teachers had noticed many students carrying mobile phones to school, headmaster Arun Jha told Metro over phone. "I went to classes XI and XII on Tuesday and asked the students to hand over their phones. I told them we were aware that many students were carrying phones," he said.

Jha said the students voluntarily submitted their phones.

But when school gave over, over 100 students blocked both flanks of Taratala Road in front of the Britannia factory to protest the seizure of their phones, police said.

Taratala Road connects the Taratala crossing to areas such as Jinjira Bazaar and Brace Bridge. Most people headed towards Budge Budge from Calcutta and vice-versa take this road.

The roadblock continued for about 25 minutes before the students were returned their phones. A teacher of the school said they had been asked to bring their parents to school on Tuesday.

"Our aim was to discipline the students," Jha said.


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