Ropes at Exide crossing

A part of a boom barrier installed at the Exide crossing; (above) a civic volunteer holds a rope to regulate pedestrians at the crossing on Thursday evening. Pictures by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya

Exide crossing: Traffic police are using ropes to regulate pedestrians at the Exide crossing, which will be the first intersection in the city to get two boom barriers synchronised with the traffic signal.

There will also be 70m of railing on either end of the barriers to prevent jaywalking.

As work on the installation of boom barriers progresses, the Exide crossing has become the focal point of the cops' attention. Officers in the traffic department failed to recall the last time the busy crossing was under so much focus.

When Metro visited the spot on Thursday evening, civic volunteers were managing pedestrians on three sides of the intersection with ropes.

"It is so scary to cross the road here. When we cross over from in front of the Haldiram restaurant footpath, we are often caught between the two flanks. Cops with a rope between the two flanks stopping us from crossing the second flank till the signal turns red on that flank, too, actually helps," said Nidhi Sharma, a college student.

Earlier, ropes were only used at the Chowringhee-Park Street crossing to prevent pedestrians from crossing the road when the signal for vehicles was green.

"Vehicles approaching Park Street from Chowringhee tend to speed up at the corner. So, it is dangerous for pedestrians to walk across the road when the signal for vehicles is green.... Ropes are especially helpful during Christmas and New Year celebrations," an officer said.

Senior officers said it was the first time that ropes were being used at the Exide crossing.

A part of the boom barriers has been installed on either footpath of AJC Bose Road at the Exide crossing. Sources said four boom barriers had arrived in Calcutta. A pair each will be installed at the Exide and the Park Street crossing.

Metro reported on Thursday that the police had planned to put up a railing running 70m on either side of the boom barriers to ensure that pedestrians abide by the law.


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