New eatery serves fish, cooked & raw

Minister Chandranath Sinha samples the offerings after the inauguration.

Such has been the setback from the carcass meat scandal that a new restaurant in Nalban Food Park has not even considered keeping chicken or mutton dishes on the menu card. 

The only non-vegetarian option available at Murighonto will be fish. Then again, the eatery is a joint venture with State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) and fish is their forte. 

“Our research shows that fish is not the first choice of youths eating out these days,” says Susmita Chakraborty, one of heads behind Murighonto. “This is primarily due to lack of innovative recipes. So we shall offer fish in new avatars like Fish Steak (Rs 130), Fish and Chips (Rs 100) here as well as traditional ones like Murighonto (Rs 80).” 

The restaurant was opened on June 18 by SFDC managing director Soumyajit Das and on June 22 fisheries minister Chandranath Sinha launched their website www.murighonto.com through which customers can order raw fish and have them home delivered by the morning the day after. 

“The department is working hard to increase the yield of fish in the state but we also need to ensure the market grows correspondingly. Such initiatives will make it easier for customers to access quality fish,” said Sinha.

Tandoori Prawn, one of the dishes he was served. (Shubham Paul)

Mihir Sahana, one of the heads of Murighonto said they had been taking orders for raw fish since November but that was service was restricted to Salt Lake. “From today we are available all over the city. We store nothing and get fresh fish directly from fishermen in the districts.”

Prices are expected to be lower than market rates elsewhere too. “A katla in a block market would cost Rs 350 but we are selling for Rs 250 a kilo,” said Chakraborty. “We also have a 100 per cent money back clause in case a customer doesn’t like the fish. Despite that no customer has ever used it. As for the restaurant, the panic about chicken still lingers and so we have no plans of introducing chicken dishes in our menu.” 

So for now, fish rules the roost.  

A staff reporter


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