Local train rams into another

Howrah: A Howrah-bound local train hit another train from behind near Panskura in East Midnapore on Sunday afternoon, the accident triggering panic among passengers and disrupting services for over an hour.

A Howrah-bound Midnapore local was stationary between Panskura and Haur stations, waiting for a goods train to switch tracks.

The Howrah-bound Balichak local, on the same tracks as the other train, jumped the lights and rammed into the Midnapore local at 2.42pm.

"The Down Panskura local was moving at a speed of 15kmph," an official said.

Many passengers of the Midnapore local were thrown off their seats under the impact of the collision but no one was seriously injured. "There was a sudden jolt and we were thrown off our seats," recounted Amitava Pal, who was on the Midnapore local.

An official said train movement between Panskura and Haur was controlled by an automatic signalling system. If a train stops away from a station, a red signal flashes at the rear to alert the driver of the following train.

The next train has to stop 75m ahead of the stationary train or ahead of the overhead equipment pole closest to it.

"The driver of the Balichak local has been suspended for violating the rule," an official said.


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