Leader killed by his gun: Cops

Sonarpur: Samir Mistri, the Trinamul trade union leader who was murdered in Sonarpur last week, was shot by a gun he owned, police said.

Mistri's wife Madhumita handed over the firearm to the alleged killer, Chandan Mondal, 72 hours before the murder, an investigation by the police revealed.

"Madhumita handed over the improvised firearm to Samir three days before the murder at Sonarpur railway station. She told him to eliminate her husband as early as possible," said an officer probing the murder of Mistri, who was a leader of the taxi union affiliated to Trinamul's labour wing in Sonarpur.

Police sources said the April 9 murder had been plotted at least three months ago. "Madhumita told Chandan that she would supply him the murder weapon. She knew her husband had a gun, which he used to keep at home," an officer of Sonarpur police station said.

"On the night of the murder, Madhumita had kept the door of their house ajar when Samir sat for dinner. The assailant shot from outside. The bullet passed through the door and hit Samir."

The murder weapon has been recovered from Chandan's house in Gosaba, in the Sunderbans.

Samir was murdered while waiting for food to be served, just after a spell of rain. Madhumita had initially told the police that her husband had kept the door open to let in cool breeze.

The police claim Madhumita had an affair with Chandan, who ran a newspaper and magazine stall at Sonarpur railway station in the morning and sold garments on a Gariahat footpath in the evening.

"They would talk over the phone for long periods. On the day of the murder, the two called each other at least 11 times," an officer said.

Chandan apparently told the police that Madhumita had handed over the gun to him.

The investigators have sent the firearm for a forensic test to trace the fingerprints on it. "If Madhumita's fingerprints are found on the gun, we will have enough reason to believe what Chandan is saying is true," another police officer said.


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