Lake littered in ritual rush

Chhath puja at Babughat on Thursday. (Anup Bhattacharya)

Rabindra Sarobar: Flowers, plastic packets, bottles and various puja items lay strewn in the Lake after Chhath rituals were observed on Thursday.

Stray firecrackers were burst and small plants along the pathway leading to the Lake trampled on. All this despite the best efforts of the civic administration to uphold the national green tribunal's order on Chhath in Rabindra Sarobar.

The order had banned flowers, plastic, firecrackers and music at Rabindra Sarobar during Chhath. The tribunal had also ordered the Calcutta Municipal Corporation, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority and the state pollution control board to file reports after Chhath on whether its guidelines have been followed and there had been any significant pollution caused by Chhath.

A police officer present at the Lakes during Chhath on Thursday told Metro that there is likely to be more violation on Friday when Chhath rituals are observed early in the morning as monitoring is likely to be more relaxed then.

"We tried our best to comply with the green tribunal's order. The lake has been cleaned today itself," said Debasish Kumar, the mayoral council member in charge of managing Chhath.

"This (pollution) is inevitable ... that's why we want this to be the last Chhath at Rabindra Sarobar," said environmentalist Subhas Datta.


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