Id gift for father: cool salon

Mohammad Muniruddin (left) in his makeshift salon with son Alimuddin in Samsergunj

Samserganj: A WBCS officer's Id gift to his father is a promise to turn a barber's shop run by the 71-year-old in a tiled-roofed hut in Samserganj, Murshidabad, into an air-conditioned salon.

Mohammad Alimuddin, 40, a 2012-batch WBCS officer and deputy magistrate at Uttar Kanya in Siliguri, had initially asked his father Mohammad Muniruddin to shut down his barber's shop and lead a retired life but his father wouldn't listen.

"Since my father will not give up his tiled-roof shop, I have decided to make him a proper hair salon with AC. This will be my Id gift to my father," Alimuddin said.

Alimuddin went home to Chachanda village in Samserganj for Id. Soon after reaching, he went to Basudebpurhat, where the barber shop is located, to meet his father.

"My father is over 70 years old but he still carries on with his shop and refuses to retire. I have told him many times to shut shop and lead a retired life but he won't listen. So, I have decided to gift him an AC salon," Alimuddin said.

Muniruddin has three sons and a daughter. His eldest son is a quack while his second son is a trader. His daughter is married. Alimuddin and his wife now live in Siliguri. Muniruddin stays with his wife in Chachanda village.

"How can I close shop? This is my life. I have raised my children and given them education with the earnings from this barber's shop. It has turned out to be lucky for me. I will run this shop as long as I am able," said Muniruddin.

Muniruddin's wife, Anwara, said, "My husband will not give up his shop. So, my son took the decision. I think this will be good for my husband."


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