Glare on dog deaths

Maheshtala: A storm is brewing in this neighbourhood on the southern fringes over a resident allegedly poisoning six strays over the past three days.

Milan Sardar, the accused, fled his house on Sunday evening after some neighbours reported him to police.

The complainants alleged that a crow and two other birds died after eating the poisoned food he had given the strays.

A preliminary police investigation revealed that Milan had been seen offering the dogs food.

"One of the strays who used to roam around near Milan's house bit his goat. He was seen chasing the dogs whenever they came near his house after that. Some residents later found the carcasses of the strays beside the road. Milan's neighbour suspects he poisoned them," said an officer at Maheshtala police station.

The residents had accosted Milan after they found two dogs lying dead beside the road. "But he (Milan) denied the allegation that he was responsible for the death of the two strays," the police officer said.

When four more strays were found dead on Sunday morning, Milan's neighbours and some other people from the area filed a complaint against him.

According to the police, if Milan is found responsible for the death of the strays, he can be booked under Section 428 of the the Indian Penal Code that deals with the charge of "mischief by killing, poisoning or maiming any animal". If convicted, the punishment is a maximum of two years in jail.


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