Dengue death in Behala

Behala: A 35-year-old man from Behala who had tested positive for dengue and was treated at two government hospitals died at CMRI within hours of being shifted there late on Thursday.

Ripon Dhali used to make a living doing odd jobs and lived in a slum along Dr AK Pal Road in Ward 128 of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation, where dengue has infiltrated almost every other household.

The death toll in the current outbreak in Bengal is estimated to be in excess of 40, at least 19 of them in the corporation area.

Ripon's death certificate mentions "Dengue shock syndrome with thrombocytopenia" as the cause of death. Thrombocytopenia is the medical term for low blood platelet count in a patient, one of the key symptoms of a dengue infection.

"The patient's platelet count had dropped and he was hardly conscious when brought to our hospital. Our doctors attended to him but he died within a few hours," said an official at CMRI.

Ripon had been admitted to Vidyasagar State General Hospital in Behala after two days of fever. An NS1 antigen test there confirmed dengue. He was moved to Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital after his condition worsened two days ago. His family took him to CMRI because he wasn't responding to treatment.


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