Dengue death in Baguiati

Baguiati: A 54-year-old woman who had been suffering from dengue died at a nursing home in Teghoria, off VIP Road, on Monday.

Papia Chakraborty, a resident of Ashwini Nagar in Baguiati, had been running a temperature for the past 10 days. Her neighbourhood has seen at least five dengue deaths this year.

Chakraborty's death certificate mentions "multiple organ dysfunction syndrome with sepsis and dengue haemorrhagic fever".

A family member said Chakraborty had been admitted to the nursing home on November 17.

"She had been suffering from fever for the past 10 weeks and had tested positive for the NS1 Antigen test for dengue. She was being treated at home but had to be admitted to hospital after her condition started deteriorating," a relative said.

Residents of Ashwini Nagar said several people in their locality had been suffering from dengue.

"We rarely see civic health teams visit our locality to spray larvaecide. The entire area is strewn with garbage dumps and stagnant puddles where mosquitoes breed," said Shyamal Bera, a resident.

Ramesh Chandra Barai, 59, a resident of the neighbouring Gopalpur, had died of dengue on Sunday.

Tuli Naskar, 34, a resident of Baguiati who had tested positive for dengue, had died on November 12 at the same nursing home where Papia had been admitted.

Baguiati has a network of open drains, most of which are clogged and serve as mosquito-breeding grounds.


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