Chill here to stay

Alipore: The Celsius is on course to touch 12 degrees on Thursday, heralding a chilly phase that is set to last at least till the weekend.

Wednesday recorded a minimum temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius, normal for this time of the year and the season's lowest so far.

"We expect the biggest slump in the mercury in this phase to come between Wednesday and Thursday," said Ganesh Kumar Das, director, India Meteorological Department, Calcutta. "The minimum is likely to be 12 on Thursday."

"The sustainability of the cold weather in Calcutta will depend on when Kashmir receives its next snowfall and which way the storm causing it would go after that. But the cold is here to stay at least till Sunday," said Das.

The season's previous coldest day was December 27, when the mercury had dropped to 13.8 degrees. But the chilly spell that day did not last beyond a few hours after sunrise.

The difference between then and now is reflected in the days' maximum temperatures - 26.9 degrees Celsius on December 27 and 25.1 degrees on Wednesday.


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