Child molester in Salt Lake park

Salt Lake: A Class V girl playing in a park with friends was allegedly molested by a stranger and left so traumatised that she has been asking her mother if wearing a helmet to cover her face would make going out safer.

According to a complaint lodged by the 11-year-old's family at Bidhannagar East police station, the alleged assault occurred around 5.40pm on Sunday at the Karunamoyee Housing Estate and that four other children witnessed it.

The accused had tried to take a picture of himself with the girl before her friends raised an alarm, prompting him to flee the Abol Tabol children's park on his bicycle.

The girl recounted to her family that she had first noticed the stranger watching her from a distance. "He got off the bench and touched my daughter inappropriately. He even tried to take a picture with her, which my daughter somehow managed to prevent even as her friends started to scream," the girl's mother quoted her as saying.

The child first confided in her 70-year-old grandfather. "I had stepped out when my daughter along with her friends returned home crying. My father consoled them and they told him what had happened. He immediately called me to say that I should head back home," the mother recalled.

It took her two hours to be convinced that the accused had left. "She is now enquiring if wearing a helmet will help protect her."

A police officer said investigators were trying to put a face to the accused.

In another part of Salt Lake, a private tutor was arrested on Sunday on the charge of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl whom he taught mathematics.


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