Bins to keep city clean

Calcutta: The civic body will buy 6,000 waste bins and install them across the city, especially in commercial hubs.

A civic body engineer said the buy would more than double the count. The city at present has around 5,500 bins.

"This is the second time a tender to buy bins has been floated. The last time there were only two bidders," said an engineer of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation's solid waste management department.

The bins will be fitted with wheels for convenience. "Most of them will be placed in commercial areas. Shopping hubs like New Market, Gariahat or Hatibagan will also get some," said the engineer. The target is to have bins at every 50 metres.

In the absence of enough bins, people tend to throw waste near gully pits, clogging drains. Segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste is yet to be introduced in large parts of the city.


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