Beat him up, TMC leader 'tells' gang

Businessman Milan Dey, 52, who was assaulted allegedly in the presence of Trinamul MLA Paresh Pal in Phoolbagan after he asked for a car blocking his way to be removed, recounted the Sunday afternoon horror to Metro

I was about to leave home in my car around 3pm when I spotted a maroon Tata Sumo parked in front of the gate, completely blocking the driveway.

We face this problem quite often. Some people park their vehicles on the driveway and chat in a nearby tea stall. We have to request them to move the cars away.

I saw a youth inside the Sumo and told Barun (Kumar Mishra), our security guard, to ask him to move the car away. He walked up to the vehicle and passed on the request to the man.

The youth retorted: " Gari sorabo na, ja korar korey ne (I won't remove the car, do whatever you can)."

Mishra asked him why he was behaving like this and told him that the Sumo was blocking my car. At this, the man stepped out of the car and was joined by four or five others. One of them told Mishra: " Janis eta kar gari? Eta Pareshdar gari (Do you know whose car is this? This is Pareshda's car)".

The gang started assaulting Mishra. One of them pulled him by his hair and the others slapped and punched him. I tried to resist them but failed.

Paresh Pal then turned up at the spot. I requested him to stop his men.

But what he did was unimaginable. I cannot utter the abuses Pal hurled at me. I still cannot believe that a people's representative can be so abusive in public.

He (Pal) asked his men to assault me. " Etake maar (Beat this one)," he told them.

The gang then pushed, shoved and abused me. The ordeal continued for 15 minutes, till Pal left with this group.

I decided to go to police. I wrote a letter and went to Phoolbagan police station. The officer on duty read the letter carefully before leaving the room. I overheard him talking to his superiors over the phone, discussing my complaint.

The officer finally received my complaint but told me that a case would not be registered based on it. He told me an inquiry would be held.


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