Austrian take ill at airport

Airport: A 75-year-old Austrian collapsed in front of a boarding gate at the airport on Thursday morning.

Wolf Diedrich Goessler, a resident of Graz who had come to India in December on a spiritual tour, has been admitted to Charnock Hospital.

A hospital official said Goessler was a cardiac patient and had undergone an aortic valve replacement a few years back. "He is suffering from arrhythmia. Doctors will examine him and decide whether he needs a permanent pacemaker," the official said.

"I was fine when I left my hotel for the airport. At the airport, as I was about to board the (Emirates) fight, I collapsed and passed out," Goessler recounted. The airline has conveyed the passenger's condition to the Austrian embassy.

Goessler, who studied Sanskrit in Vienna, arrived in Calcutta from Puri on Wednesday.


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