75 dengue cases in a month

Calcutta: Around 75 people have been infected with the dengue virus in the Calcutta Municipal Corporation area over the past month, the mayoral council member in charge of health said on Thursday.

Atin Ghosh, the mayoral council member, also said 173 people had contracted the mosquito-borne disease in the city so far this year.

Ghosh and civic officials met representatives of various state government departments and agencies - CMDA, PWD, West Bengal Transport Corporation, fire services directorate and the housing board - on Thursday to discuss the measures to be taken on government premises to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

Dengue is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that breed in clean and stagnant water. Professionals dealing with vector-borne diseases say even a spoonful of water is enough for dengue mosquitoes to lay eggs.

It takes a week since eggs are laid for adult mosquitoes to emerge. So, civic officials and others involved in the vector fight urge people to drain out accumulated water at least once a week.

"Stagnant pools of water are a common feature at places where construction work is on. These pools provide the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed," an official in the civic health department said.

Also, the official pointed out, many premises are not cleaned regularly, resulting in accumulation of water.

"We had sent a list of places where water accumulates to all the departments that were represented at today's meeting so that the officials could come up with a plan on what needs to be done," mayoral council member Ghosh said after the meeting.

The list was prepared by vector control officers in all 144 wards of the CMC. Till last year, the list used to be handed over to the department representatives at the meeting.

Ghosh, while announcing that around 75 people have been affected by dengue in the city in the past 30 days, said more dengue detection centres had been opened. "More people are undergoing dengue tests because of our sustained campaign. It is a good sign," he said.

The CMC has opened 16 dengue detection centres. Apart from that, the health unit in each of the 144 wards performs the test.

The State Vector Borne Disease Control and Seasonal Influenza Plan, 2018, that was released earlier this year, revealed that as many as 2,374 dengue cases had been detected in the CMC area in 2017.


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