TCS is largest employer in Bengal

The TCS campus in Rajarhat. Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyay

Calcutta: TCS has emerged as the largest employer in the private sector in Bengal, having close to 40,000 people on the rolls spread across 15 locations in Calcutta.

The company, India's largest by market capitalisation, has added 10,000 people in the last 33 months alone. It is expected to add another 2,000 this year .

Even as automation, digital disruption and just-in-time recruitment may potentially tamper the pace of addition of workforce across the company, TCS executives said Calcutta will continue to maintain its share of the overall pie.

The company has close to 3,95,000 people on the rolls as on March 31, 2018 across 50 countries, but mostly in India.

Ajoyendra Mukherjee, executive vice-president and global head of human resources of TCS, said the company has given 20,000 offer letters to students in campuses across the India.

In Bengal, the company has gone to 40 engineering colleges last year, offering employment to nearly 2,000 students. Apart from TCS, Bandhan Bank, RP-SG Group and ITC are some of the large private sector employers in the state.

The special economic zone in Rajarhat now houses the largest facility for TCS in the city. It employs around 17,000 people, operating at 90 per cent of the capacity.

The IT behemoth has 2.5 million square feet space in this 40 acre sprawling campus, out of the 4 million square feet it has across Calcutta, including leased and owned space. The city is one among the top four locations for TCS in India.

The campus still has the space to add at least one million square feet and create at least 10,000 more jobs.

According to Suresh G Menon, vice president and general manager - eastern region of TCS, banking financial, utilities, retail are some of the core areas Calcutta focuses on. "We are 10 per cent of TCS now," he said.

Tapering curve

Mukherjee said the company's headcount would not grow at the same pace as revenue like in the past, due to multiple factors, such as automation in the IT world and cost push. The company recorded 7,700 net addition last year.

"Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) and automation are changing the entire delivery process. We are going for hiring in an agile way which is on-demand," Mukherjee explained.


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