Donyi Polo tea hits record price

Guwahati: Donyi Polo garden in Arunachal Pradesh showed its class once again by fetching the highest price for white tea in the auctions here on Wednesday.

The garden fetched Rs 17,001 for a kg for its silver needles white tea, the highest price for white tea anywhere in the country, at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre. A total of 2kg tea was bought by a Rajasthan buyer and sold by Contemporary Brokers.

"Our tea master took utmost care from hand picking to the end of processing. The buds were sun-dried. The presence of whitish pubescence hairs on the buds look true to nomenclature and light-bodied liquor with floral note make it a special white tea," Manoj Kumar, senior manager of Donyi Polo tea garden, said. The tea is dried only in direct sunlight, giving it a velvety texture.

He said 87 workers of a 1,000 strong workforce have been trained in specialty tea production.


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