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Thursday , October 12 , 2017

Kobe Steel admits fudging data on metals

Big manufacturers of cars, aircraft and bullet trains have long relied on Kobe Steel to provide raw materials for their products, making the steel maker a crucial, if largely invisible, pillar of...   | Read..

Weinstein wife leaves him as crisis deepens

Harvey Weinstein's wife has announced she has left him, describing his behaviour as "unforgivable" amid an escalating number of claims of sexual harassment...   | Read..

Two generals 'vanish' as Xi mulls revamp

He was one of China's most prominent commanders, with hopes of rising higher.   | Read..

Matt denies trying to kill 2014 mogul story

Matt Damon has denied that he helped kill a 2004 New York Times expose on Harvey Weinstein's alleged history of sexual abuse.   | Read..

Even barbecue melts in California

With roads still blocked by the police and fires still raging across broad swathes of northern California, Matt Lenzi hiked through smoke-choked vineyards and waded the...   | Read..
Kobe Steel admits fudging data on metals