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| Sunday, October 8, 2017 |


Crime and (No) Punishment

Sectarian violence is on the rise across the country. But that’s not all. V. Kumara Swamy discovers a pattern in how many of those booked are getting away

Mohamed Sadiq Shaikh's life has been one long dark tunnel ever since his son, Mohsin, was killed on the night of June 2, 2014 in Pune. The 20-something techie was caught in the middle of a communal flare-up over a social media post. Mohsin's... | Read»

Prescriptions against proscription

In closed communities, social boycott is akin to living death. Activists and citizens in different states are rallying for the passage of laws that could change this primeval practice. Sonia Sarkar reports

Umesh Rudrap was boycotted by members of the Telugu Modelvar Parit community, which he belongs to, for marrying a Buddhist woman. That was in 1991. Umesh, who is from Pune and drives a taxi for a... | Read»

Shatranj Ke Khiladi

Not cricket, not football either; a new, hybrid sport has chosen Calcutta as its India headquarters. Manasi Shah reports from ground zero

The signage at the entrance of the single storey building in south Calcutta says something about it being a multi-gym, yoga and steam bath facility; no mention of the odd sport it is incubating.... | Read»

Where the elephant god sleeps

A team of eight blind first-time trekkers scales 13,000 feet and goes all the way to Dodital. Bitan Sikdar tells their story

When he came across these lines, Shubhendu says, he felt Yeats was echoing him and Anjana, Alamgir, Bhaju, Basudeb, Sukhdeb, Biswajit and Jhinuk. This team of eight blind trekkers from Calcutta... | Read»

Once upon a rebel and a cause

When revolutions die, there are no comets seen. And those who were once at the forefront are left stoking the embers of a fire that now burns only in their hearts. Prasun Acharya profiles self-proclaimed ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa

Small places have been known to give birth to big movements. Naxalbari, Chauri Chaura... Likewise, Simalaguri in Assam's Sivasagar. | Read»