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| Monday, October 2, 2017 |


Ones that flew over the Dino’s nest

When dinosaurs ruled the earth, mammals took to the skies, reports Carl Zimmer

The Mesozoic Era, from 252 million years ago to 66 million years ago, is often called the Age of Dinosaurs. To generations of palaeontologists, early mammals from the period were just tiny nocturnal insect-eaters, trapped in the shadows of... | Read»

The native who became zookeeper

It is time we afforded the founder-superintendent of Calcutta Zoo his rightful place, says Chittabrata Palit

Most of us know that the Calcutta Zoological Garden was the first of its kind in India but very few are aware that the first superintendent of the zoo was an Indian called Ram Brahma Sanyal. He was appointed as an ordinary worker at the zoo in... | Read»


Scientists analysed changes in the carbon cycle over the last 540 million years, including five mass extinction events, and found that these events occurred whenever the level of carbon in the oceans crossed a particular threshold. According to a... | Read»