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| Sunday, September 24, 2017 |



As the centenary year of Deendayal Upadhyaya closes, Apoorvanand examines why the late Jan Sangh leader is being actively deified and prodded to the top of national iconography 

Jawaharlal Nehru is now competing with Deendayal Upadhyaya for the position of chief interpreter of Gandhi and the idea of India. Ram Nath Kovind placed him alongside the Mahatma in his first speech after taking over as President of India. Its... | Read»

Once she came dressed in scented waters

In trying to adorn herself, Guwahati is shedding its most critical resource

MYSTERIES HAVE often a way of revealing themselves by the shroud that keeps them; the clues lie in the camouflage. There was citronella, so there would have to be something it was masking. It fumed... | Read»

An Unlikely Relationship

Roxna Swamy serves up a slice of the rollercoaster politics of her ever controversial gadfly husband, Subramanian Swamy  

Ever since his return to India in 1986, Swamy had obtained a new friend, the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. There had been a period in Indira Gandhi's later years as Prime Minister, when she had... | Read»

The Daak Side

En route the pandal, Ma Durga stops at some place to don her earthly adornments. Manasi Shah follows the trail  

Accessorising is serious business. Requires painstaking attention to detail; no shortcuts there even if you are a god or goddess, albeit with clay feet. | Read»

Bud.Blossom. Bouquet. Bazaar

By the blessed river...

The flower market by the banks of the Hooghly is abuzz with activity. It is Saturday, only 7.30 in the morning, but one gets the impression that the market has been alive for several hours already. | Read»

Bullet train to the top 

Making up for all the unkind things that journalists, foreign and desi, say about Narendra Modi, there was a remarkably upbeat article about the Indian Prime Minister in the Financial Times last week. | Read»