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| Sunday, August 13, 2017 |



Front organisations of the RSS are increasingly uneasy with the Modi government’s economic direction, but are they also toothless and lack bite? V. Kumara Swamy reports

On August 1, vice-chairman of NITI Aayog Arvind Panagariya announced his resignation. The economist, who will return to his tenured post at Columbia University in the United States, wrote to the Prime Minister requesting that he be relieved of his... | Read»

My mail, a snail with a stamp on it

Notes from far corners on the passing of a post office romance

MANY MOONS ago, we had driven down to the charming Bhutan border town of Phuentsholing for the day. My most enduring memory is of a visit to the local post office, where we bought three-dimensional... | Read»

The Colonist of the Empire

As we turn 70, Saurabh Jha, a British-Indian, wonders, tongue firmly in cheek, what it has come to mean to him to live in one country with another’s consciousness

Raised in white towns with few Indians, I was oddly pa-rochial in my childhood. I thought all brown people were "Indians", and most Indians were "Jhas". I first heard of... | Read»

Traffick Stopper

It is all chase, mindgames and risks, with no guarantee of a happy ending. But someone has to do the job Rangu Souriya does. Swachchhasila Basu reports

Getting through to Rangu Souriya's phone isn't difficult; the challenge lies in catching her at a time when she can talk. The activist, who runs a non-profit organisation that rescues trafficked... | Read»

'I shall try to treat Sodepur on the same footing as Sabarmati'

The khadi ashram on the outskirts of Calcutta was once considered Mahatma Gandhi’s second home. This is also where he spent close to a week in the run-up to India’s Independence. Prasun Chaudhuri visits what is now a shambles. Photographs by Amit Datta

On August 9, 1947, when the rest of the country awaited the freedom hour with bated breath, Mahatma Gandhi arrived at the Khadi Pratisthan in Sodepur. | Read»