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Saturday , August 12 , 2017

Master strokes from a masterclass, with t2

Is news dead? How would one advertise in 2020? What will be the marketing guy’s biggest challenge? These and many more questions that probed the future of branding and marketing communication were discussed and debated on August 5, as Advertising Club Calcutta presented the masterclass titled ‘Communication Strategy 2020: Traditional Vs New Age’ in association with The Telegraph at Calcutta Media Institute. The speakers? Madhukar Sabnavis, country head, discovery and planning, O&M India, and Siddhartha Roy, ex-COO, Happy mcgarrybowen, India. t2 sat through the sessions and came back wiser.

SIDDHARTHA ROY on how the brand will be the driving force behind consumer behaviour...

1. In the case of traditional and new media, one is necessarily not better than the other; the construct of branding is never going to change. So what has changed? People have got busier and winning the audience’s attention is the biggest challenge now.
2. Brand is the new commodity today, as it lends a special connect between the consumer and the product or service.
3. Millennials are going to play a big role in branding and communication. They prefer transience over permanence and take informed purchase decisions.
4. To exist and flourish in 2020, communication should be used not just for consumer engagement but also for building brand communities.
5. The implications of brands in the future are going to be based on dialogue over monologue, purpose over proposition, real over reel, co-creation over dictation and experience over explanation.

MADHUKAR SABNAVIS on why traditional media won’t die soon...

1. Traditional and new media are relative terms. In the 1950s, television was considered to be new media while now it falls under the traditional category. The roles evolve over time.
2. There are four experience realms, namely entertainment, aesthetic, educational and escapist. Since the foundation of all these lies in consumption, the consumer will never cease to be a couch potato.
3. Awareness-Affinity-Action-Addiction are the 4As of brand decision-making model.  
4. It is wrong to think that traditional media does not provide you with ‘choice’, which a new media like YouTube does. If YouTube gives you the option to skip a video, you have a remote for swapping TV channels!
5. Traditional media will not die until stories go out of fashion, which will never happen.

Text: Soham Ghosh
Pictures: Arnab Mondal

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