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| Sunday, July 16, 2017 |


An Appointed Vacancy

As President of India, Pranab Mukherjee did not just adorn the highest office, he also used his experience and interests to redefine the first residence of the country. Sonia Sarkar reports

The blue and pink silk curtains that once adorned the tall windows of the Rashtrapati Bhavan slumbered in iron chests, year after year. The life-sized portrait of Lord Irwin, the 30th Viceroy of India, was consigned to some forgotten corner of the... | Read»

To Greece to watch the Tragedies

And why the Elgin Marbles aren't the only grouse Greeks hold against Brits

YOU KNOW," said Nikolas, the friendly taxi driver taking us to our hotel in downtown Athens, "Britain hijacked our glory." | Read»

So, what about Malda?

Political scientist Maidul Islam talks to Prasun Chaudhuri

Understanding the complex and volatile minority matrix | Read»

Flags and flaming fences

...and down South

People of Bantwal taluk, 25 kilometres from Mangalore in coastal Karnataka, cannot recall a time when religious tensions ran so high. Over the years, they have got used to the occasional communal... | Read»

Who Chucked the Din?

Cringe phenomenon Dhinchak Pooja in conversation with Manasi Shah before and after her big bang

The dhinchak seems to have gone out of Pooja Jain's voice. Ever since news got out that her music videos have been deleted from her YouTube account, she has been "unreachable". But 24... | Read»

Lords of the Lampoon

They can be harmless, they can be nasty, but they are almost always a laugh. V. Kumara Swamy spoke to some who power the hugely popular and profitable meme industry 

The meeting happens every morning, either over a conference call or via group WhatsApp. Harshit Gupta, Suvansh Sharma and Sumit Raput dial in from Bilaspur, Agra and Delhi, respectively. Topic of... | Read»