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| Sunday, July 9, 2017 |


No, Teacher; Yes, Tutor

Has something gone wrong with schooling in Calcutta that more and more students are being thrust into private tuition, or have parents turned paranoid and pushy? Prasun Chaudhuri and Swachchhasila Basu find out

The freedom gong sounded at day-end is one of the highpoints of any school day. At least that's how you remember it to be. It marks that Ulyssean moment when you can venture beyond structured existence and lay claim to the loot of childhood. It... | Read»

Rain. Pain. Gain.

This is the time Calcutta's famed rickshaw-wallahs make the best of their labours and lumbering. Paromita Kar trails them

When the honking has ceased and the fuming has stopped, you will hear him. Amidst the rush and racket on Calcutta's roads, the rickshaw-wallah's ting-ting and khatt-khat-taa-khatt seem like music... | Read»

And the Good God made them all

The present-day obsession with monolithic morality is unnatural and not in keeping with our ancient Indian traditions, writer Anand Neelakantan tells Prasun Chaudhuri

Tale of the Vanquished, Ajaya: Roll of the Dice, Rise of Kali - Duryodhana's Mahabharata and the latest, The Rise of Sivagami, fell captive to the charms of the grey early on in life and has never... | Read»