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Friday , July 7 , 2017

Kudos to mongoose man

♦ Apropos the article “Mongoose messiah” dated June 2, Biplab Chanda is an inspiration. My message to him and all others is: “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country”. May he carry on with his exemplary work!

Prabhas Ray,
Cluster XIII, Purbachal

♦ I wish to salute Biplab Chanda! We are all God’s children and have the right to life. And “we” here doesn’t mean human beings alone; it includes plants and animals and they are all needed to maintain ecological balance. Mongooses have always been ill-treated by people and I am proud to know there are men like Chanda who are protecting them. More such stories of real life heroes need to come to the fore. 

Debanjana Ghatak
Labony Estate

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