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| Monday, July 3, 2017 |


On the quack track

Training medical charlatans to improve the rural healthcare system is a dangerous proposition, says Dr Sanjeet Bagcchi

Recently, the government has been tracking down "fake doctors" in West Bengal, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. And judging by a report published exactly one year ago by the World Health Organisation, it was high time such untrained medical... | Read»

Super cool

An artist’s conception of the two forms of water, discovered recently by a team at Stockholm University, against a backdrop of X-ray patterns observed in the study. Water is a funky molecule that has two liquid forms in nature; one 25 per... | Read»

Cheers to apps on the tap


#TechTonic / Surit Doss

While you were busy with Apple's App Store and Google Play, Microsoft apps have quietly developed into something to reckon with. There are several apps, desktop as well as mobile, which will be an immense help to manage all your affairs. | Read»

Allergy alert

I have a drippy nose, tearing eyes and constant sneezing. I am unable to concentrate on my work. | Read»