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| Sunday, July 2, 2017 |



Since the chief actors of last July's terror attack in a posh Dhaka precinct were discovered to be radicalised upper-class kids, university students have come under stern glare. Often, some fear, with counterproductive consequences. Sonia Sarkar reports

Shoriful is barely out of his teens. He likes to wear Pathan suits and skullcaps, sports a well-trimmed goatee, prays five times a day and knows the Islamic sermons by heart. That and the fact that he is currently a student of a reputed private... | Read»

Throne on the water, for a price

In the rapids above Rishikesh, another kind of Ganga action plan

I DON'T know how Rishikesh looks like on weekdays, but I am pretty sure it doesn't look like it does on weekends. If you take a handful of Delhi and a pinch of Goa and pound them in a... | Read»

Ctrl Alt Delete Fake News

His frustration with lies in sheep clothing drove him to float a site for alternative news. V. Kumara Swamy spoke to Pratik Sinha, intrepid hunter of false propaganda

Pratik Sinha has a problem. His system cannot digest fake news. Every time the electronic or social media airs or posts news with a false ring to it, he just can't let it pass. It bothers him like... | Read»

Just Play Ball

Injuries. Rejections. Anonymity. But football ace Khalid Jamil has never taken his eyes off the game. Prasun Chaudhuri reports

Khalid Jamil will never forget that day. It was only last June, though it feels like a lifetime. It was the month of Ramzan and the Mumbai FC team management waited until late evening to let him... | Read»

Jostling, under the same umbrella

One street, two brands and many bickering branches. Swachchhasila Basu goes out on a brolly spin

A break in the median divider on north Calcutta's Mahatma Gandhi Road, very close to the famed College Street crossing, allows one to slip surreptitiously onto the other side. From the sliver of a... | Read»

Chronicle of a tragedy foreseen

Way before Dadri and Muzaffarnagar, and the spate of cow-related lynchings, a Muslim family decided to move from Uttar Pradesh to Bengal. They may have presaged a scare that’s turning real. Swati Sengupta has their story 

Ghulam Mian is pottering around in the courtyard, while his wife, Mohona Bibi, is resting on a mora under the shade of their beloved mango tree. Their home is made out of mud with a straw roof, but... | Read»