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Saturday , June 24 , 2017

Democracy in practice

There are many adjectives one could apply to the political parties who constitute the 'Opposition' to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Corrupt, cronyist, weak, disheartened, listless, lifeless, lazy and incompetent might do for a start....   | Read..

Welcome to the show

The goods and services tax will be unveiled at the stroke of midnight in grand style, mimicking India's original tryst with destiny...   | Read..

How do you lose a word? Does it vanish into your memory, like an old toy in a cupboard, and lie hidden in the cobwebs and dust, waiting to be cleaned out or rediscovered? - AMITAV GHOSH

A haunting vision
Visual Arts
There are no tears, no wringing of hands. Yet, a heart-rending poignancy haunts Dhaka-born Mahjabin Imam Majumdar's art seen at her recent solo show at Ganges gallery. That's because Missing T......   | Read..
Complete confidence
Invitations to premieres rarely go out to proverbially grouchy critics, but I happily get my share. Yet I have forgotten the last time I received one to a preview - a much scarcer privilege. Broadw......   | Read..
Rich tributes
Indian classical music lovers enjoyed a delightful evening at the Vivekananda Hall of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture. The ambience was heightened with the vocal rendition of Amiya Ran......   | Read..