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| Sunday, June 18, 2017 |


New Dalit

Ambedkar’s children are growing restive again and looking up to a young, aggressive leadership. Are we witnessing a fresh phase of Dalit assertion? V. Kumara Swamy reports

A little less than a fortnight ago, Chandrashekhar Azad "Ravan" was arrested in Himachal Pradesh's Dalhousie. At the time, Azad, the chief of Bhim Army, a group championing the Dalit cause and functioning out of western Uttar Pradesh's... | Read»

Required, a stab in the London eye

Terror's reinventing itself in ways we have failed to keep pace with

AFTER THE London Bridge attacks, I felt a vicarious survivor's guilt - not because I narrowly got away, but because I spent six years living near Borough High Street where Muslim youths drove into... | Read»

Dirty Linen Tales

At the turn of the last century the British set up various dhobikhanas across India. Manasi Shah visits the only one in the heart of Calcutta

For a moment you might think you are in post Baahubali Mahishmati. The high walls, that giant entrance, the deathly calm. The sentry at the gates will not let you in, but a stolen glimpse is enough... | Read»

Rice and Shine

Difficult to stomach, but true. The fair-and-lovely fixation has now taken over our kitchens and we are losing the richness of our rice varieties. Swachchhasila Basu has the story

Gobinda Ghosh is a rice miller from West Bengal's Burdwan district. His family has been in the business for over six decades, trading in the Swarna and Ratna varieties. The medium-sized Swarna of... | Read»