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Saturday , June 17 , 2017

Monsoon with little rain in sight

June 16: The first four days after the monsoon reached the city have been hotter than the past five years - the reason being no rain.

Yesterday was an exception with parts of the city receiving some rain (10.8mm).

The sultry weather will continue for the next few days as there's no strong weather system like a low-pressure area in the vicinity of Calcutta, the weatherman said.

"There can be isolated showers over the weekend across south Bengal, including in Calcutta, though," Sanjib Bandyopadhyay, deputy director general, India Meteorological Department, Calcutta, said.

"But we don't foresee widespread uniform rainfall immediately."

The monsoon winds had been static since entering the city on Monday. Today, the winds moved to cover the rest of Bengal and some parts of Bihar and Jharkhand. But even that didn't bring rain to the city.

Two factors worked against the city getting decent rainfall. The monsoon winds came riding on a deep depression, Bandyopadhyay said.

"When this happens, there is a lull immediately after the winds arrive as the system sucks away all the energy from the Bay of Bengal and the winds lose their sting," he said.

To add to this, the deep depression expectedly moved towards Bangladesh but took a more western trajectory away from Calcutta, G.K. Das, director, IMD, Calcutta, said. Since the rainfall followed this system, the city went dry.

Whenever it doesn't rain in Calcutta in June, the weather gets sultry because the moisture content in the air is high with winds blowing in from the Bay, he said.

It will start raining as the winds are gaining strength but heavy rainfall isn't expected yet, he said.

Met records show the mercury had shot up right after the monsoon's arrival. Tuesday saw the maximum temperature touching 37.4 degrees Celsius, the highest in the first four days of the monsoon's arrival since 2013.

Last year, the rainfall was much less in the first four days of the monsoon's arrival but the maximum temperature, too, was less. So, the weather wasn't as sultry and oppressive as this year.

When it rains heavily immediately after the monsoon reaches the city, like it did in 2015, the maximum temperature remains low. That year, it didn't even cross 31 degrees in the first four days.

This year, the monsoon reached the city earlier than it did in the past three years.

But the rainfall that was regular in the run-up to the monsoon stopped abruptly, belying the forecast that rain would increase in amount and duration after the arrival.

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