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| Sunday, June 11, 2017 |


This is how we Eat, Pray, Love

Coming upon in a Calcutta bylane, a few unwritten bylaws of good living

IT IS about a hundred metres from central Calcutta's Chowringhee Square, separated by a patch of real estate that is both imposing and invisible, depending on how you see it. As you cross this... | Read»

Love in the time of Chimera

A romantic story rage is sweeping Bangladesh, but is the ‘Mollah novel’ a Trojan horse being employed to further radicalise the country? Paromita Sen goes looking for answers

Some weeks ago a report floated up about an octogenarian author whose "chaste romance novels", penned about 30 years ago, are taking Bangladesh by storm, the "rural, conservative... | Read»

Satyagraha and TwitterHimsa

How two women took to trolling - their offensives, their defences, rewards and recognition. Sonia Sarkar reports

They live in Mumbai. Both are mommies. They are politically aware and aggressive social media enthusiasts. They are both big-time trolls on Twitter. | Read»

A Chisel For Some Sky

One man's lament forced another to rethink his dream project. Prasun Chaudhuri tells the story of Purulia's freedom hill

"Sir, I don't have any sky. I've lost it forever." | Read»