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Saturday , May 20 , 2017

Different times

The slim, erect and balding elderly man with aquiline features introduced himself in the lift as Jawahar Lall Kalra. "You write in The Telegraph," he said matter-of-factly when I told him my name. That was eight years ago. We had just mo......   | Read..

Other imaginations

When a Canadian editor talks of an Appropriation Prize, it may be fruitful to study the meaning of appropriating voices in a country as diverse as India...   | Read..

He had built his own future brick by brick around himself but there were no doors or windows, at least that was the way it seemed at the time he had thought to himself, I am locked in, it was like one of those ghost stories where you wake up and you are sealed in a coffin. - DAN CHAON

A picture of another India
The Victoria Memorial Hall, constructed between 1906 and 1921, was meant to be a "national gallery and Valhalla of the Indian Empire", and in keeping with that intent, the fine objects pr......   | Read..
The new and the old
Calcutta Performers springs a most unexpected surprise with their latest production, Hrotsvitha. I cannot imagine any Indian troupe deciding to stage a biographical play about a tenth-century Saxon......   | Read..
Mixed bag
When Sixth Dimension organized a show at Birla Academy, roping in seven artists from six countries apart from India, it ensured eyefuls for the viewer to take in, for the stress was on largeness. B......   | Read..