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Friday , May 19 , 2017
Salt Lake

Canalside story

They have small open stages in the park and kids have a play area. Sanjana Khatka, 9, and her brother Debraj, 4, ran straight for the slides when their mother led them into the park last week....   | Read..

Audience chills with Tagore, plus or minus AC

With the sultry weather making all outdoor activity uncomfortable, organisers of two Rabindrajayanti programmes chose to install air-conditioners at their venues. But there...   | Read..

Buddha in Bard's steps

Kalapi, a dance troupe based in BB Block, sang paeans to peace and the universal poet through a dance performance based on Rabindranath Tagore’s Pujarini.    | Read..

Biryani in 16 avatars

Abcos Food Plaza is serving biryani all through the month — 16 varieties of it. The three-storeyed building in IB Block is hosting a biryani festival across all its...   | Read..

Morning-walkers skip walk for a day to sing Tagore

Probhati Adda, a morning walkers association celebrated Rabindra Jayanti outside the main gate of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in AF Block.    | Read..

Me & my pet

There’s a German Shepherd Dog at the Banerjee residence of Ultadanga whose version of ‘red carpet welcome’ is rather unconventional. He grabs the nearest...   | Read..

Leap into show ring

Four-year-old Gazelle came dressed in her Sunday best — red shoes and pink tutu — and year-old Fluffy had spent the better part of the morning getting his hair...   | Read..

Shakespeare beyond text books

In 1954, Kishore Sahu directed a Hindi version of Hamlet in which he played the Prince of Denmark. Name the popular actress who starred as Ophelia in this film. Mala Sinha   | Read..

St. Francis Xavier founder passes away

The principal of St. Francis Xavier school, Sheela Chopra, passed away on May 5. Chopra had started the school in 1983 and had been the principal throughout.    | Read..

Theme: Our neighbours and other insects

If you are a photography enthusiast, train your lens on sights in Salt Lake or New Town and email to us at The chosen pictures will be...   | Read..
Canalside story