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| Monday, May 15, 2017 |


Science Friction

Sidelining research in basic sciences will jeopardise India's technological advancement, says Biju Dharmapalan

The recent policy in India seems to be to sideline basic research in favour of applied research. At least that is what the budgetary allocation shows. While the amount allotted to the IITs in 2017-2018 is Rs 7,171 crore - nearly 50 per cent up... | Read»

The death star

More than 1,900 years ago, 1,350 light years away, stars in a giant gas cloud behind the Orion constellation collided, ejecting two young stars. ALMA, the most powerful telescope on Earth, helped astronomers capture pictures of the explosion.... | Read»

Dizzy? First feel easy

People sometimes complain about light-headedness, giddiness or dizziness. They use the terms interchangeably, confusing the physician. Does the person feel like fainting? Is the room spinning around? Is it a feeling of nausea? | Read»