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| Sunday, May 14, 2017 |



Our politicians invest unerringly, often exclusively, in the male heir, but are they merely creating liabilities? Sankarshan Thakur weighs the worth of dynastic successors

More have squandered an inheritance than built upon it. History is witness, though she was so preoccupied recording success, she didn't much bother with failure. The chapter heads of history are far fewer than the mealy footnotes or what lies even... | Read»

Into my favourite Eden do lead me, Eve

The safari forest has a new exciting species on view - girl guides

A LITHE, khaki-clad "forest guide" jumped into the back of our safari jeep in Madhya Pradesh. "Good morning, welcome to Pench," chirped a distinctly feminine voice! Astounded,... | Read»

Home they brought my daughter in chains

Prasun Chaudhuri tells a tale, part personal, of the price rebel lives must pay

Swapna Choudhury still shudders at the thought of that evening when she looks out at the street from her fourth floor living room of her Salt Lake apartment. That was the evening of January 25. As... | Read»

Lilliputians in Brobdingnag

Upala Sen tries to make sense of what children appear to effortlessly enjoy. Her report on beguiling experiments with fun

The hall-cum-lounge outside Gyan Manch, the central Calcutta auditorium, was milling mostly with mothers and children. A brother and a sister kicked each other with gusto as the parent sitting next... | Read»