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| Sunday, April 30, 2017 |


Whatever Happened, Comrades?

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury talks to Sankarshan Thakur

Q What has gone wrong with the Left, why is it in such an abysmal place today? | Read»

Kashmir: Out of Class Struggle

Sonia Sarkar listens in to the rage and disenchantment feeding the violent student upsurge across the Valley

Girls dressed in white salwar-kameez and black cardigans march fearlessly on the streets of Lal Chowk in central Srinagar. Faces covered with white dupattas, colourful bunny bags slung tight on... | Read»

Water on my brains

Parched Bangalore is yet to find enough water, but it has found the next best thing: water diviners. V. Kumara Swamy reports

All that K.M. Manjunath does to locate water hundreds of feet under the ground is balance a semi-filled plastic bottle on his palm and walk around. "When I approach a point underneath which... | Read»