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Friday , April 14 , 2017

DO assert yourself
DON’T annoy people
EXPECT happiness in relationships

DO face uncertainties confidently
DON’T be too rigid with your partner
EXPECT a romantic interlude

DO avoid scheming people
DON’T expect quick solutions to problems
EXPECT a professional opportunity

DO choose your words carefully
DON’T upset your partner
EXPECT recognition at work

DO cheer up
DON’T be overconfident
EXPECT enjoyment and happiness

DO have faith in teamwork
DON’T make half-hearted efforts
EXPECT to get what you want

DO enjoy the moment
DON’T be impatient
EXPECTyour dreams to become a reality

DO accept things as they are
DON’T neglect work
EXPECT to be attracted to the opposite sex

DO take care
DON’T be dissatisfied with your achievements
EXPECT to be distracted

DO seek lucrative opportunities
DON’T be overbearing
EXPECT to be extravagant

DO try to be reasonable
DON’T be impulsive
EXPECT advice from elders

DO focus on personal affairs
DON’T get carried away
EXPECT a friend to help

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