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| Sunday, April 9, 2017 |



Food has always been a celebration in Bengal; but increasingly and for a variety of reasons, it is being phoned in rather than cooked in homes. Upala Sen reports 

Everyone has a different name for it. Restaurateurs call it "an evolving market", aggregators dub it "search and discovery", bloggers talk about Bengal's rise as a "culinary performer in the commercial sector",... | Read»

When away from home, stay home

Burrowed inside the clutter and cacophony of old Calcutta, Paromita Sen discovers three strange bedfellows

Thanks to Anjan Dutt's film Bow Barracks Forever, most people know the story of central Calcutta's Bow Street - how it used to house the army messes during World War I and thereafter, and how it... | Read»

Cash Back

V. Kumara Swamy crunches numbers to argue that the road to a less-cash economy is going to be a slow and long one

Nothing loomed larger in the public imagination during the first months of demonetisation than the long queues in front of banks and ATMs. | Read»

From a departed quietude, a voice

In life, she was a reticent figure barely known outside her immediate circle. But recently, poet Reshma Aquil’s resilient verses charmed a Calcutta audience. Chandrima S. Bhattacharya was there 

The electric charge left behind by a brilliant paper at a recent literary conference in Calcutta changed into something else as poet and writer Arvind Krishna Mehrotra started to talk up Reshma... | Read»