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Saturday , March 18 , 2017

A familiar trajectory

A line often quoted by columnists, and attributed to the British politician and writer, Enoch Powell, is this: 'All political lives end in failure.' The full form of the Powell quote actually reads: "All political lives, unless they are cut o......   | Read..

Crumbs of victory

The BJP's decision to keep its poll promise of writing off farm debts in UP shows that politicians remain great advocates of the populism pill...   | Read..

The more power you have, the harder it is to know who is lying to you and who is not. When you reach absolute power, there is no contact with reality, and that's the worst kind of solitude there can be. A very powerful person, a dictator, is surrounded by interests and people whose final aim is to isolate him from reality; everything is in concert to isolate him. - GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ

Visual notes from a lost land
Jyoti Bhatt's photographs go back to a time when the dry and dusty scrublands of an unspoilt Gujarat had not been stamped out by the joint assault of globalization and rapid urbanization, and the t......   | Read..
Staring right back
Mahesh Shantaram's recent exhibition, The African Portraits (presented by Tasveer at The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Feb 18-March 3), was conceived in response to the racial attacks pe......   | Read..
Splendid union
A programme was organized by Rasika Ranjana Sabha in their auditorium, and the music lovers of the city experienced the flavours of both Carnatic and Hindustani music rendered by V.N. Shankar and P......   | Read..