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Tuesday , March 7 , 2017

Child falls to death through window

The Turf View building from
which the girl hada fatal fall.
(Pradip Sanyal)

March 6: A four-and-a-half-year-old child left alone at home today fell five floors down to her death after slipping through a bedroom window at the Turf View residential complex overlooking the racecourse.

Ankita Rajak, whose father is a mechanic and mother a domestic help in the house of a brigadier, was found in a puddle of blood at the base of the building where she lived around 4.30pm, police said.

Some residents of the complex took the girl to the nearby CMRI Hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival. An official at the hospital said Ankita had suffered critical head injuries and multiple fractures.

The complex along Orphangunge Road houses army officers. Each residential unit has attached servant quarters with separate entrances from another side of the building.

It was from one of these one-room quarters on the fourth floor of Block 16 in the complex that Ankita plunged to her death.

Her 10-year-old brother was at school when the tragedy occurred. The main door was locked from outside, the police said.

Investigators said Ankita's mother was not working in the building when the toddler fell to her death. Her father Raju was at work in Sealdah.

"It looks like an accidental fall. The design of the window grille is such that there are enough gaps for a child to slip through. The window has a bed next to it. It looks like she was playing on the bed when she stood on the window frame and accidentally fell down," said an officer at Hastings police station.

The Rajaks, who came to know about the tragedy after Ankita was rushed to CMRI, had not lodged any complaint until late in the evening. Investigators do not suspect foul play either.

An officer who visited the complex pointed out that several houses had window grilles of the same design as the one through which Ankita slipped out.

"This could be dangerous when you have small children and something needs to be done about it," the police officer said.

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