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| Monday, February 6, 2017 |


Sugar & Spice

Many spices in the Indian cook’s arsenal can keep diabetes in check but there is a long way to go before they can be used therapeutically. T.V. Jayan reports 

Ever wondered what spices can do other than give curries their distinctive deliciousness? From yellowish brown cinnamon to bitter fenugreek and fragrant ginger, spices common to every Indian kitchen can lend a helping hand to the fight against one... | Read»

Your child, on a track pad

#TechTonic / Surit Doss

Parenting has never been easy and now, when there is a flush of apps about to entice your kids and grandkids, it is even more difficult. | Read»

The gall of it

People of all ages (even children) often have dyspeptic symptoms - pain in the upper abdomen, burping, indigestion, burning extending up the chest and a feeling of "gas" Treatment is readily available over the counter (OTC) from the... | Read»