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Monday , January 30 , 2017

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I feel for American liberals and progressives but for their counterparts elsewhere, the Orange Blonde's tenure in the White House clarifies America's role in the world by closing the gap between US rhetoric and US action....   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Great leaders

• Sir - The historian, Ramachandra Guha, deserves to be complimented for th... | Read»

Harmful bias

• Sir - All over India, people are being more and more intolerant. In the g... | Read»

Pay attention

• Sir - According to the latest figures released by the National Crime Reco... | Read»

Parting shot

• Sir - I would like to congratulate Saina Nehwal on winning the Malaysia M... | Read»


Vanity fairs

Investment jamborees had turned into gigantic sweepstakes in India and given states bragging rights to trumpet overblown promises. But not this time: a sense of sobriety is......   | Read..

Ordeal by fire

Now they have allegedly slapped and punched a film director while his film was being shot. They don various names, like costumes to fit each occasion, but they have one ide......   | Read..

Wrong Tree

"I can't wait to see how the incoming administration deals with AI [artificial intelligence]," said the former US secretary of state, John Kerry, in a less-than-g......   | Read..

Roger Federer is one of those rare... athletes who appear to be exempt, at least in part, from certain physical laws. - DAVID FOSTER WALLACE