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Wednesday , January 25 , 2017

A hostile capital

"Do not come back for Donald Trump's inauguration in January." In the days following the election of the 45th president of the United States of America two and a half months ago, as I was preparing to leave Washington for New Delhi, seve......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Tricky question

Sir - Each state of India has its unique cultural identity. As a Tamilian, ... | Read»


Mature era

The long-awaited goods and services tax has been postponed by three months to July 1, 2017, when it is expected to be rolled out. The GST has experienced a long and trouble......   | Read..

Return offer

Tokenism is so much a part of the way politics is conducted in Jammu and Kashmir that it surprises no one that the state assembly should have recently found rare unanimity ......   | Read..

Besieged By Waste

Can China step back from its frenzied progress? That's the question anyone who listens to a 20-minute presentation made earlier this month by the photographer, Wang Jiulian......   | Read..

There is something wonderful about a death, how everything shuts down, and all the ways you thought you were vital are not even vaguely important... and it is just as you suspected - most of the stuff that you do is just stupid, really stupid, most of the stuff you do is just nagging and whining and picking up for people who are too lazy to love you. - ANNE ENRIGHT