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Wednesday , January 25 , 2017

May loses apex court ruling on Brexit

The Supreme Court in London witnessed high drama today when its 11 justices ruled 8-3 that Theresa May's government could not trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty paving the way for Brexit...   | Read..

Dev Patel gets Oscar nod for Lion role

Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Jeff Bridges and Mahershala Ali will be among the actors competing for Oscars next month in a ceremony expected to be dominated by the...   | Read..

Dostum guards face arrest over rape case

Afghan authorities ordered the arrest of nine bodyguards of Vice-President Rashid Dostum today, over allegations of sexual violence and torture of a political rival in a...   | Read..

Pak nuclear missile tested

Pakistan today successfully test-fired an indigenously-developed surface to surface nuclear-capable missile called Ababeel.   | Read..

Columbia tied to slave past

In 1755 a New York City newspaper carried an account of the swearing-in of the governors of the newly founded King's College, which later grew into Columbia University. At...   | Read..

Israel plans new homes

Israel announced plans today for 2,500 more settlement homes in the occupied West Bank, the second such declaration since President Donald Trump took office.   | Read..

India-origin FCC chief

President Donald Trump has picked a fierce critic of the Obama-era "net neutrality" rules to be chief regulator of the nation's airwaves and Internet connections.   | Read..
May loses apex court ruling on Brexit
bullet Pak missile
bullet Comey to stay