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| Sunday, January 22, 2017 |



The mission to dismantle Jawaharlal Nehru’s legacy is proceeding apace under encouragement from the Narendra Modi dispensation, says Bishakha De Sarkar. Is it a sign a new republic is assuming shape?

The short video featuring Jawaharlal Nehru - shared widely some weeks ago - cheered the former management executive. As a child and young adult, she'd admired India's first Prime Minister. Lately, though, she had begun to feel that the man who... | Read»

In a future dream, an ancient myth

Amaravati, the proposed Andhra capital, struggles to emerge from its fancy blueprint

AMARAVATI, THE mythical capital of Lord Indra, is said to be a place of magnificent palaces and magical gardens, floating somewhere up there in a distant galaxy far away from us,... | Read»

Cry comedy

Calcutta has its share of stand-up comics, but they struggle to make the city laugh, reports Moumita Chaudhuri

Raouf Gangjee has a passive sort of face; it needs help with his chosen role. The Fedora hat brings a little edge, just a little touch of menace. So do the heavy boots. You half expect him to whip... | Read»

Zara aankh mein bhar lo paani

The government has made a slogan of the brave Indian jawan to settle political arguments. It has also left the same jawan ill-provided and restive. Sonia Sarkar reports

On paper, it sounds like a feast. Milk and eggs for breakfast. Four days a week, non-vegetarian dishes - chicken, mutton or fish - are to be served. | Read»