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Wednesday , January 11 , 2017

Neighbourhood watch

The vigour of the Indian prime minister's diplomacy did not abate in 2016. Ties with the United States of America received particular attention, with five meetings with Barack Obama during the year that signified a convergence of interests in a ch......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

New order

• Sir - The feud between the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, ... | Read»

Big shock

• Sir - Mahendra Singh Dhoni's decision to step down as the captain of the ... | Read»

Think again

• Sir - In a move that has flummoxed the nation, the chief minister of Andh... | Read»

Memorable life

• Sir - An era has ended with the demise of the veteran actor, Om Puri ("Ra... | Read»


Not adding up

The deadline for turning in old currency notes fell on December 30, 2016. Only non-resident Indians and returning Indians (who were abroad during the period November 9 to D......   | Read..

Sinking feeling

Can Pakistan be an Islamic nation and a democracy at the same time? The popular agitations prior to the 2008 elections that ended Pervez Musharraf's dictatorship, followed ......   | Read..

The price of marriage

How times change! A new rule prohibiting extravagant weddings in one county of this vast nation has provoked disapproval - not from the super rich of which there are many, ......   | Read..

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