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| Sunday, December 25, 2016 |


Yuletide feasts

The five-star hotels are pulling out all the stops to spread the Christmas spirit, say Yashodeep Sengupta, Saimi Sattar, Susmita Saha and Samita Bhatia

Chefs at five-star hotels are going the whole hog to make your Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner a memorable one. Not only are they serving up the traditional dishes like turkey, plum cakes and yule logs, but they are also putting their own... | Read»

Solo sojourns

Travelling solo is an exciting way to see the world and meet like-minded people, says Radhika Sen

Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence. You can sleep in when you want or set out on daring escapades when you’re feeling ambitious.  | Read»

Going glam

The party season just got underway so how about looking your prettiest as you live it up? Whether you’re looking for a great moisturiser to enhance your winter skincare regimen or a mask that promises glowing skin, this is most certainly the... | Read»

A lavish check-in

JW Marriott Kolkata’s just opened doors with grand weddings, sumptuous meals and premium services, says Yashodeep Sengupta

Calcutta has added a brand new luxury address to its portfolio of five-star hotels. With its unmistakable presence on EM Bypass (its colossal glass architectural structure stands out), the JW Marriott Kolkata is the US hotel chain’s first... | Read»

A sweet high

A dash of alcohol gives even the most familiar Indian sweets an extra edge, says Rahul Verma

Some memories don’t fade easily. I remember an evening, many years ago. Two of our close friends had come home for the first time after they were married.  | Read»

Footloose in Florida

Cuban culture, brought by immigrants from the nearby island, has added vivid colour to the cultural landscape of cities like Tampa, says Rishad Saam Mehta

Dear old Fidel has finally stubbed out his cigar and, like a wisp of smoke from the same, has ascended heavenwards or elsewhere, as some would argue or, perhaps, even hope. | Read»

Raising the bar

Apple’s MacBook Pro has had a radical shake-up and is ready to take on its smart new challengers, says Tushar Kanwar

There’s no denying Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops have for long been the benchmark for premium laptop design, but, of late, slim and powerful Windows laptops with high-resolution screens and all-day batteries have somewhat taken... | Read»

A stitch in time

A Belgian lady came halfway across the world to meet designer Anupamaa Dayal and helped her gain a global footprint

A decade ago, when I was only a year old into the profession, a Belgian woman, Danielle Almeida, who lived in Portugal, travelled halfway across the world to meet me. She’d seen my work and was desperate to connect with me. She came to... | Read»