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Saturday , December 17 , 2016

DJ Jay Hardway’s Spotless Sunday night at Club Boudoir. Only t2 was there

It was a cray Sunday night at Club Boudoir, as Jay Hardway, the Dutch DJ and music producer [who composed the hit Wizard along with current world no. 1 (according to DJ Mag) DJ Martin Garrix], took over the console and sent the crowds down the electro house lane. Minutes before he started playing, t2 caught up with the 25-year-old for a quick chat at the Shakespeare Sarani party place.

Music to you is...
A way to express feelings that words cannot. It brings people together.

Collaborating with Martin Garrix means...
Martin and I are very good friends so it is always a great time, right from Wizard to Spotless, things have remained the same. In fact when we are producing music, it’s more of goofing around and having fun! Our different tastes in music make the outcome even more unique.

Your favourite current trend in music...
That different genres are coming together. Personally it makes space for a lot more creativity. I myself borrow elements from hip-hop and other genres at times.

Who would you like to perform live with?
Coldplay! I attended the Coldplay concert in Amsterdam and there’s something about Chris Martin’s voice that makes me a huge fan!

How’s it going so far in India?
It’s my second time in India, and I must say that I love it just as much as the first. The people, the richness of culture and my fans! My fans here always post stuff about me on their social media and it is indeed a very humbling experience. I still find the food very spicy though (laughs), and this time around we tried Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka as well as Hyderabadi Biryani! 

Any pre-gig ritual that you follow?
Oh! I love giving interviews before a gig! (Chuckles) Nothing much actually, but relaxing a bit before a gig begins is an absolute must. 

Your personal favourite composition?
As much as Wizard and Spotless are popular, the one song closest to me is Electric Elephants, purely because of the recognition that it got me.

“It was the first time I heard DJ Jay Hardway perform, and I loved the music and the entire vibe of the club,” said Ria Chopra, a first-year student of political science at Delhi University, in the city on vacation. Don’t miss her stylish undercut!

For Anamika Das, it was all about dancing the night away, as the DJ turned out one hit after another. Plus points for her printed crop top and shredded denim shorts! 

We totally dig fashion designer Aakriti Bhaniramka’s sporty chic look. The contrast to the monotone? The brown leather satchel. “I loved each and every track played and it is great to see that the music scene in Calcutta is gradually evolving. Definitely look forward to more such nights!” smiled the 26-year-old.

“I have been following Hardway ever since he released Wizard with Martin Garrix. All his sets are always mixed in the right tempo. My personal playlist has a lot of his tracks and mixes,” said Shahaan Siddiqui, a final-year business management student and resident DJ at University of Roehampton, London. His pick from the night’s set: Spotless.

Text: Zeba Akhtar
Pictures: Rashbehari Das

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